Chestnut flour

Label AB
  • Portions 50 portions de 0.1kg
  • Conditionnement 5kg

Chestnuts are collected in early fall and dried and peeled. Sorted they will then be ground to the millstone. The chestnut flour obtained is a fine powder of creamy white to greyish with a sweet and pronounced taste.


Organic chestnuts

Conseils d'utilisation

Chestnut flour can be used by itself or alongside regular wheat flours (particularly in your bread-making recipes). Chestnut flour will enhance the taste of your breads, patisseries, crepes, doughnuts and pie crusts. It’s also great when used in sauces (particularly in those served with game). The sweet and delicate flavour of chestnut flour blends perfectly with chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts and honey. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.