Poppy seeds

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  • Portions 2500 portions de 0.01kg
  • Conditionnement 25kg

Poppy cultivation seems to have been known to man for a long time, since vestiges from the Neolithic period already suggest poppy cultivation near villages. There are two kinds of seeds, the most common (blue-grey) found in Europe and a creamy yellow variety found in India. The poppy seed, blue-black or gray-black in color, is a small round seed of the oilseed family. It has a sweet aroma and a nutty taste.


Organic poppy seeds

Conseils d'utilisation

The seeds can be eaten dried, toasted or ground. Poppy seeds add colour and flavour to your breads, patisseries, sauce dishes and salads. They can also be used in cream-based sauces, in curries or for decoration. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.