Hulled sunflower seeds

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  • Portions 100 portions de 0.03kg
  • Conditionnement 3kg

Originally cultivated by the Amerindians, the sunflower was imported into Europe by the Spanish in the 16th century. Its cultivation developed particularly in Russia. Today it is widely spread in all continents. The term "sunflower" comes from the Italian tornasole or Spanish tornasol, which means "that turns towards the sun", referring to the way this plant pivots on its stem to follow the course of the sun throughout the day.


Organic sunflower seeds

Conseils d'utilisation

Consume raw or toasted. Sunflower seeds are a delicious addition to breads and patisserie. They’re also great in salads, sauces, stuffing, with vegetables, in omelettes… or even toasted and salted for a tasty appetizer. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.