White quinoa "real" variety

Label AB
  • Portions 416 portions de 0.06kg
  • Cuisson 10 min
  • Conditionnement 25kg

Quinoa a small round seed of whitish color, of the family Chénopodiacées (like beet or spinach). It is a seed rich in saponin (a bitter product that covers the seed). This seed is therefore washed after harvest to remove this substance, then dried, ventilated and sorted.


Organic white quinoa

Conseils d'utilisation

Rinse the quinoa. Place 1 volume of quinoa in 2 volumes of water and simmer for 10–15 minutes, until the little white germ detaches from the seed. Cover, remove from the heat and allow to expand. Quinoa is great alongside hot meals, in stuffing or veggie burgers, and can be used for pilaf or risotto. It's equally delicious when consumed cold in salads or in tabbouleh. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.