Our commitments

100 % committed company


For several years now, MARKAL has been involved in the life of the French territory. 
The company supports and participates in the financing of several charities with strong values: 



Kiwi Association Organisation creates activities and events for children or teenagers fighting
against pain, suffering and illness. These cultural activities, such as cooking workshops, music etc.,
allow them to enjoy their daily life and bring a new breath of fresh air to the structures that support
them. Thanks to its devotion, Kiwi helps not only the children and teenagers but also their families and the structures
that support them. Kiwi works only with child care professionals, educators, school teachers, animators and caregivers.
MARKAL has participated in creating a cookbook: "La cuisine futée d'Honoré" (Honoré's Smart Cooking). The book is for
parents of children with type 1 diabetes and offers a variety of recipes so that meals can be shared and enjoyed without
the weight of the disease.

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La voie des femmes LOGO

La voie des femmes

MARKAL supports LA VOIE DES FEMMES, a theatrical adventure told by women about their life stories around social issues (violence, love, motherhood, harassment, abuse...).

A show directed by Séverine FERRER and Léa LANDO, performed by 5 actresses. Dare to speak up for a tribute to women full of sincerity. A therapy for some, a deliverance for others, each one is free to put her emotions on the texts read.

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Tous Pour Un is an association created in 1901, which works around social, humanitarian and skill development. 

Faced with international problems encountered in some countries, TOUS POUR UN mobilizes to help them. The association also has at heart to develop the youth by offering training softskills and leadership to train the leaders of tomorrow.

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Committed to the creation of Products

Committed to quality

Committed to its producers

  • Selection of the best geographical areas and varieties
  • New harvests
  • Strict requirements
  • Controls on receipt of raw materials

Strong partnerships with our suppliers; MARKAL has been operating for more than 80 years!
Support for social and solidarity economy development projects


Committed to its employees

We are a family business, aware of the importance of sharing the same values as our employees.
Well-being and business performance are inseparable.
At MARKAL, loyalty is paramount with an average seniority of more than 8 years.