Over 80 years of passion

and traditional know-how

We are individually and collectively responsible for the future of nature, for its richness and beauty. For us, as well as for the generations that will inherit it. But we are also the solution.

As early as 1936 Georges Markarian was making and selling with passion the ONLY Boulgour in France. Then his son, Jacques, took over and devoted himself to the development of organic products. He is one of the founders of the current specifications. Very quickly a trust was established between the specialized stores and our family. 80 years later, MARKAL is the number 1 in the market of cereals and derivatives THANKS TO YOU.

86 years later, MARKAL is the n°1 in the cereals and derivatives market THANKS TO YOU.

For 3 generations, the know-how has been passed on from father to son and recently to Lionel Wolberg. MARKAL perpetuates its production process. This is the pride of our SME and the guarantee of quality products. Both manufacturer and distributor, MARKAL strives to imagine the products of tomorrow, to produce them and to promote them on the market.

The wide range of products offered as well as the proven organization, with our itinerant and sedentary sales representatives, our sales support department, export and industrial sales departments and an integrated and efficient logistics tool enable us to cover the dry grocery needs of the organic store network.