Our values

Over 80 years of passion


When your grandparents, then parents, were pioneers and developed ORGANICS, you felt indebted and above all invested in what nature put within your reach. Living better, living happily takes on its full meaning.

We are individually and collectively responsible for the future of nature, its richness and beauty. For us, as for the generations that will inherit it. But we are also the solution.

As early as 1936 our grandfather Georges Markarian passionately manufactured and sold the ONLY Boulgour in France. Then our father, Jacques, took over and devoted himself to the development of BIO.  He is one of the founders of today's specifications. Very quickly a trust was established between the specialist shops and our family. 80 years later, MARKAL is the number 1 in the cereal and derivatives market thanks to you.

For 3 successive generations, the know-how has been handed down from father to son. MARKAL is perpetuating its production process. It is the pride of our family SME and the guarantee of quality products.
Both manufacturer and distributor, our company MARKAL strives to imagine the products of tomorrow, to produce them and to promote them on the market.