How to avoid getting sick this winter ?

dans la bio 03 December 2020
Le café Markal

Winter comes, the cold sets in and the body suffers. The right reflex? Set up a simple routine to keep in shape until spring – or at least, try to. While the miracle cure does not exist, there are aids to avoid getting sick this winter!

1. Fill up on vitamins this winter

To defend itself against attacks and disease, the immune system needs tools: a large quantity of good-quality vitamins, minerals and trace elements, supplied by a healthy and varied organic diet. As for getting an extra boost, favour citrus fruits, oilseeds and whole grains or, if necessary, consider food supplements.

For an added bonus: give preference to seasonal fruit and vegetables, naturally rich in essential nutrients during the winter; if possible, they should be organic!

2. Move around to avoid getting sick

To avoid getting sick this winter, start moving. Physical activity, whatever it is, is essential for the proper functioning of the body – especially since, provided you are well covered, the cold is beneficial! Walk with your family, run with friends, dance in front of the television or work out at the gym: whether indoors or outdoors, the most important thing is to keep moving until the return of spring.

For an added bonus: stretch for a few minutes, on a regular basis, when jumping out of bed or at the office, whether performing conventional exercises or attending a real yoga session.

3. Protect yourself against seasonal attacks

As we said, bundle up when you go outside! While exposure to cold without adequate protection impacts the body, so do sudden temperature changes. Outdoors, protect areas exposed to cold by layering thin layers one on top of the other, with special care taken for the extremities. Indoors, uncover yourself to avoid thermal shock and do not overheat your home.

For an added bonus: protecting yourself also means eliminating microbes. Wash your hands regularly and ventilate for a few minutes two or three times a day, even in very cold weather, to renew the indoor air.

4. Sleep to support the immune system in winter

While sleeping, the body recharges and cleanses itself. This step is all the more essential to avoid getting sick in winter! Take care of your nights by lowering the bedroom temperature to between 16 and 18°C. Listen to your body to respect its needs, and take advantage of the cold season to enjoy steaming infusions of chamomile, linden or verbena, which are good for falling asleep.

For an added bonus: are your nights too short? Take a nap, which is as beneficial to your morale as it is to your body, as long as the sleep phase does not exceed 20 minutes and takes place between 1 and 3 pm.

5. Keep on living to avoid getting sick

The secret of those who are never sick in winter ? A positive attitude and good control over levels of stress, which itself is aggressive when it becomes chronic. Cultivate optimism, go out, exchange ideas, and enjoy family and friends, all while using the stress management tools that are right for you, from meditation to sports by way of colouring.

For an added bonus: some bodies suffer more than others from the lack of winter light. If this is your case, support your immune system with a light-therapy lamp !