Pumpkin seeds

  • Servings 50 servings of 10g
  • Packaging 500g

The ancestors of squash, wild squash, appear to be native to Central America, between Mexico and Guatelmala; their culture has spread as far as North and South America. Squash has been consumed for 1,000 years; the Indians cultivated squash for its seeds. Over the centuries, new varieties have appeared and been cultivated. Shortly after the discovery of America, squash cultivation was introduced to Europe. Pumpkin seeds are dark green in colour, oval in shape with a tip on the top.


Organic pumpkin seeds

Tips for use

Can be eaten raw, toasted, chopped or ground. They’re a great addition to salads, fromage blanc, muesli or bread dough. They also make a delicious appetizer. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

May contain allergens

Gluten, Nuts, Sesame, Soy

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