Brown flax seeds

1-AB 2-Bio-Europeen
  • Servings 12 servings of 20.83g
  • Packaging 250g

The origins of flax are far away. The first traces dat eback to 8,000 years B.C. Its heart of production is still uncertain, probably in the wide plateau of Superior Asia. However, it was under Egypt's pharaohs that the use of flax began to develop. The linen was then made of clothing, funeral cloths, sails for boats, ropes or nets.


Organic brown flax seeds

Tips for use

The seeds can be consumed whole, crushed or finely ground. Brown flax seeds, which have a more pronounced flavour than golden flax seeds, can be sprinkled on salads and breakfast cereals or even used when making bread dough and tarts. You can enjoy them in breads, breadcrumbs, crumbles and cakes. They’re also delicious when blended and added to yoghurts and sauces. Keep in a cool, dry and dark place.

May contain allergens

Nuts, Gluten, Sesame, Soy

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