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Wholegrain mustard

1-AB 2-Bio-Europeen 35-Flacon-plastique-a-jeter
  • Packaging 350g

Mustard (from the Latin mustum ardens, burning must) is a condiment prepared from the seeds of a plant of the Brassicaceae family, also called mustard. These seeds are small, about 1 mm in diameter, reduced to flour and mixed with verjuice. Old-fashioned mustard is made with seeds simply coarsely crushed after maceration. It is naturally less spicy than fine mustard.


Water, mustard seeds and teguments*, cider vinegar*, salt
*Certified organic ingredients

Tips for use

This mustard enhances the taste of meats and gives an original touch to the dressings… Keep in cool and dark place. After opening, store in fridge.



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