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Sweet mustard with 8 aromatics

1-AB 2-Bio-Europeen 52-Capuchon-a-jeter-bouteille-verre-a-recycler
  • Packaging 370g

Mustard (from the Latin mustum ardens, "burning must") is a condiment prepared from the seeds of a plant of the Brassicaceae family, also called mustard. These seeds are small, about 1 mm in diameter, reduced to flour and mixed with verjuice. Sweet mustard is made with the same seeds, as well as white mustard, less pungent.


Alcohol vinegar*, water, mustard seeds*, cider vinegar*, sugar*, salt, turmeric*, 4 spice mix* (cinnamon*, black pepper*, nutmeg*, clove*), garlic*, onion*, ginger*.

*Certified organic ingredients

Tips for use

Perfect with grilled meat and fish, or for creating a really tasty dip. Keep in cool and dark place.



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