• Cherry mochis with hazelnut paste

Cherry mochis with hazelnut paste, vegan and gluten-free recipe.

  • Preparation 25 Minutes
  • Cooking 25 Minutes
  • Number of portions 9 mochis
  • Difficulty Medium


Step 1

Grind the hazelnuts into a powder. Then mix with 80 g of brown sugar and 50 ml of water to obtain a slightly sticky hazelnut paste. Set aside in the fridge.

Step 2

Put the rice flour and 80 g of brown sugar in the bowl of a blender. Reduce to a fine powder by pulsing for several minutes.

Step 3

Mix this rice-sugar powder with 10 drops of bitter almond extract and 140 ml of water to form a smooth mixture.

Step 4

Put this mixture on a plate and cook in Marion’s Vitalizer for 25 minutes. The dough will become sticky, compact and slightly translucent.

Step 5

Pour the potato starch into a plate.

Step 6

Pour the mochi dough in a ball into the starch and cover it with potato starch. Allow to cool.

Step 7

Take a cherry and cover it with hazelnut paste. Roll in your hands to form 9 small balls.

Step 8

Cut the mochi dough into 9 pieces. Then form discs with each piece of dough by flattening and stretching with your fingers. Coat as you go with potato starch.

Step 9

Finally, place a ball of filling in the centre of a disc of mochi dough. Bring the edges upwards to cover the cherry. Then close with your fingers and roll again with your hands to make a small sphere, using potato starch.

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Suggestions: The mochis can be enjoyed with any type of filling. The traditional “daifuku” mochis are filled with azuki bean paste. If you do not have a Vitalizer, you can steam the dough in a food steamer for 30 minutes over medium heat.
This recipe is gluten-free and made from wholegrain raw products, making it a nutritious treat.