• Kenyan chapatis with seeds and cumin

Kenyan chapatis with seeds and cumin, vegan recipe.

  • Preparation 15 Minutes
  • Cooking 2 Minutes
  • Number of portions 20 wafers
  • Difficulty Easy


Step 1

Mix the flour, salt, 250 ml of olive oil and water. Knead for a long time. Mix the seeds and cumin at the end.

Step 2

Next, knead the dough on the countertop with a little olive oil.

Step 3

Separate the dough into 3 separate pieces. Then separate each piece into 4 smaller pieces.

Step 4

Knead each small piece of dough vigorously with a little olive oil.

Step 5

Cut the small pieces of dough into 3.

Step 6

Spread each ball with a rolling pin. Bring the edges towards the centre several times, as if working with puff pastry.

Step 7

Spread each small ball into a thin disc.

Step 8

Finally, cook each disc in an oiled frying pan over moderate heat for 1 minute on each side.

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Suggestions: Chapatis can be used as bread or accompanied by all kinds of spreads, such as hummus, beet caviar or sautéed vegetables.
Bread is often baked with baker’s yeast which can cause heartburn or digestive discomfort. Chapatis are therefore a solution to this problem.