• Almond powder chocolate cookies

Almond powder chocolate cookies: new recipe!

  • Preparation 15 Minutes
  • Cooking 15 Minutes
  • Number of portions 6 cookies
  • Difficulty Easy


Step 1

Pour the almonds into a blender and blend to obtain an almond powder with a few small pieces. Set the almond powder aside.

Step 2

In a second step, blend the oat flakes so as to obtain a fine powder/flour.

Step 3

Mix the almond powder and oat powder together. Add the almond purée and the applesauce with no added sugar. Mix gently.

Step 4

Crush the dark chocolate into small chips and add them to the mixture.

Step 5

Mix with a wooden spatula.

Step 6

Form small piles of cookie dough on a baking tray covered with a reusable baking sheet or biodegradable baking paper.

Step 7

Bake for 15 minutes at 180°C. Adjust the cooking time according to your oven.

Step 8

Allow to cool before eating.

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Variants: For a sweeter treat, opt for milk or white chocolate. This recipe also works very well with dried fruit (apricots, figs, goji berries, prunes etc.). Suggestions: You can use almond powder instead of grinding the almonds. With almond powder you will have less of the rustic flavour and the small bits of almonds.
These vegan cookies are nutritious with oat flakes and almond powder. Rich in fibre and with no added sugar, this recipe is great for breakfast or a snack.